Actively Disengaged

Puzzled Voyage Log 2010. 5. 28. 19:34
'Actively Disengaged' - This may be the best words that can describe current status of my mind. It's an awful irony that I myself is actively disengaged whose job is supposed to provide solutions how to enhance and maximize employee engagement for the company.

 I know too well that it is hardly disguisable when a person is disengaged. This obviously means that team members around me and other employees will eventually sense that I'm not engaged at all. It's just matter of time until they figure that out.

I have to come up with a quick remedy to re-engage myself back. The clock is ticking.

I've got textbooks, study reports, manuals that covers almost all known measures how to engage employees. Problem is nothing from those works for my own symptom.

Again I have to find a cure for myself, very soon. Otherwise, I'm doomed, my team is doomed. The clock is ticking. And I cannot drag my team down with me.

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